Working with a company and being part of a team means you get the support you need — rather than competition. Also, most start-ups take a monumental investment to kickstart and most small businesses fail. There’s no need to take the risk when you join TEAM B Vibrant you’re leveraging the strength of an already successful business to create your own successful business.

Plus, when you work inside an existing company that’s the world’s largest, (in the industry), you get all these things taken care of:

Marketing tools…Training tools…Legal…Shipping…Customer service…and much more!

When you work alone you have to take care of *all* that by yourself…

Lastly, when you work alone you’re most likely to be financially capped by the amount of hours you put in. By that I mean — your earning potential is directly tied to your hourly input. And you can earn a lot…But do you want to constantly be working 80 hours a week?

With this model, you can slowly build a business that will consistently put out income and grow while you sleep…while you vacation…while you do all the things that are most important to your quality of life.