Essential oils are such a wonderful gift and so beneficial to all of us — including our kids!

You can regularly use essential oils with your children…and they will love them! Their nightly ritual can include a relaxing bath, followed by rubbing essential oils on their feet before bed. Some of my girls favorite oils are Lavender, Wild Orange and Balance (grounding blend).

There are many other beneficial uses that I and others have found for essential oils with children. Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years, and I want to share with you some ways you can use the natural power of plants and essential oils to assure that you are helping your children to reach optimal health and well-being.

What essential oils can be used on children?

Therapeutic grade essential oils that have been certified pure are considered safe and effective for babies and children. When applying to young infants you will need to dilute the oils because of the sensitive nature of a babies skin. A good ratio to start with is 1-2 drops of oil with 2 TBSP of fractionated coconut oil, just a few drops of that diluted mixture will be enough.

Children—especially infants and babies—react more strongly to things than adults do, so more caution is needed when using any type of medicine. Remember these simple rules:

Introduce one essential oil at a time.
Watch for skin sensitivity, and in that case, apply carrier oil, like coconut oil, not water.
Do not use oils on babies less than 3 months old without seeking guided advice.
Essential oils do not need to be used internally with children.
Choose some of the gentler oils like:

Wild Orange
Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang
Digestzen (digestion blend)
The younger the child, the less essential oils you should use in proportion to the carrier oil.

Here are some general guidelines of dilution:

3-6 months—1 drop essential oil to 4 tsp. carrier oil
6 months to 2 years—1 drop essential oil to 2 tsp. carrier oil
2-6 years—2 drops essential oil to 1 tsp. carrier oil
6 years plus—3 drops per tsp. on carrier oil
There are several oils you should avoid with children. Be sure to carefully research all aspects of choosing oils for children before you start. A great resource is The Essential Life Book or Modern Essentials.

When and why should I use essential oils for my children?

There are many possible times when your child may be feeling under the weather and with the application of an essential oil could experience real improvement in his or her health. Some of these possible uses and a suitable oil to apply include:

Babies: Melaleuca
Roman Chamomile
Wild Orange
Children: Thyme

How do I apply essential oils to my children?

The two safest ways to apply essential oils that are safe for children are by smelling them, or applying them to the skin diluted with a carrier oil. It has also become popular to mix essential oils to play dough, so you child gets the effect of the oil while playing with the dough.

A key part of using essential oils is to associate their smell with positive emotional situations so they will help to put your child is a positive state of mind when they are worried, annoyed, or not feeling well. Use essential oils when you play with your children so you can use those oils when they are troubled, and it should help to bring them back to a happier mood.

What are the benefits of using essential oils with my children?

There are many benefits to using essential oils with your children. The plants from which the oils are made boost the body’s natural immune system.

The aroma of essential oils can help to clear airways in kids who are suffering from respiratory ailments or times of seasonal distress. Essential oils that have been blended into a salve or rub can serve as remedies for when little ones are under the weather.

The fact that you know exactly what ingredients you are using to deal with your children’s needs is another powerful benefit. By diffusing an essential oil into your children’s bedroom or playroom you are providing an automatic calming effect where you are using an oil you have used with your child during a happy, positive moment.

If you want to start using essential oils on your children, I highly recommend doTERRA essential oils. These are the oils I use on my family and we have had only success with them. They are 100% pure and therapeutic grade and each is 3rd party tested to ensure it’s purity.

Ready to join the revolution of using essential oils on your children, on yourself and throughout your home? You will not be sorry you have chosen to use more chemical-free and non-toxic solutions throughout your health and home!

Feel free to reply to this post if you have any specific questions and I would love to help you!

Much love xoxo,