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November 2016

3 Key Ingredients For A Healthier Holiday!


It will soon be time for the weather to be changing again :( Usually with changes of the seasons, comes symptoms of seasonal discomfort. If you suffer from seasonal discomfort, you are one of many. Runny nose, sinus congestion, watery eyes, sneezing, trouble breathing through your nose, sore throat and cough due to drainage are [...]

3 Key Ingredients For A Healthier Holiday!2016-11-15T17:14:21-05:00

Winter Time Prep with Essential Oils ? ?


Winter time prep with essential oils is just that, preparing ourselves for yet another change of a season, cooler weather and exposure to new germs.  I have some tips and recipes to support healthy immune system function during the winter season (or any season for that matter)! Get plenty of rest, and try to get [...]

Winter Time Prep with Essential Oils ? ?2016-11-08T13:42:11-05:00

6 Ways to Live an Essential Lifestyle ??


The Essential Lifestyle is about focusing on the core elements of amazing wellness, and YOU hold the power to create this into your reality! To achieve this type of wellness, first understand the components that contribute to wellness, or if neglected, lack of wellness. The tools in this blog can get you started. I have [...]

6 Ways to Live an Essential Lifestyle ??2016-11-01T18:15:39-04:00

October 2016

Essential Oil Tips For Kids?‍?‍?‍?


Essential oils are such a wonderful gift and so beneficial to all of us — including our kids! You can regularly use essential oils with your children…and they will love them! Their nightly ritual can include a relaxing bath, followed by rubbing essential oils on their feet before bed. Some of my girls favorite oils [...]

Essential Oil Tips For Kids?‍?‍?‍?2016-10-18T11:47:09-04:00