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November 2018

Build up your Immune System this season!


The human immune system is complex. Your spleen, lymph nodes, blood cells, bone marrow, and more work together to protect your body from bacteria, viruses, and other threats. Unfortunately, our immune systems will never perfectly protect us from every threat, but we can make lifestyle choices that support a healthy immune system. Eating well, exercising regularly, managing [...]

Build up your Immune System this season!2018-11-27T11:43:59-04:00

October 2018

Happy Monday! Or is it?


What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word "Monday"?  More importantly, how does it make you feel? I remember the time when Monday's and me didn't have a very good relationship and I wondered why the beginning of a brand new week had to feel so draining. Then I realized [...]

Happy Monday! Or is it?2018-11-04T18:47:02-04:00

August 2018

Mental Inflammation (“itis”)


  What is your mental default set at? Comparitis? Judgment? Blaming? Does it need reset with gratitude, thankfulness or positive thinking? Most of the time we don't see the back story of other people, we only see their "highlight" reel. Catch my video today on what we can do to become a guardian of our [...]

Mental Inflammation (“itis”)2018-10-15T16:59:17-04:00

Natural Bug Bite Relief


You were outside and enjoying summer but then you realize you or your child have many itchy bug bites. If you want to avoid cortisone creams, what do you do about the persistent desire to scratch your skin off? A great remedy for both adults and children involves two simple ingredients: baking soda and certified [...]

Natural Bug Bite Relief2018-10-15T17:00:12-04:00

Avoid the tears naturally- DIY Hair Detangler


Got long hair? Or got kids with long hair? Forget those expensive hair detangler sprays from the store. Try this DIY Hair Detangler.  And it helps to get the tangles and knots out, while naturally conditioning and strengthening hair. And if you have kids with long hair, you know how hard it can be to [...]

Avoid the tears naturally- DIY Hair Detangler2018-10-15T17:01:26-04:00