Prevention is, by nature, much more powerful and requires less medical intervention!! As our lives change and choices become habits, our future is altered. Poor choices clearly have more potential to decrease positive cellular activity, and so the opposite is also true with good choices. We must focus our energy on powerful and productive health habits! It is a culmination of daily choices that will create how many health-care outcomes we have. So the question is- Do you chose to repair or prevent?

#1 Eat fat, but especially the right fat!

Our bodies rely on food to provide nutrients that we cannot generate on our own- essential fatty acids for example. Our vascular and nervous systems rely on these fatty acids to function properly, and when the level of essential fatty acids is reduced, our body’s functions also decline. Ingestion of Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) has been shown to reduce triglycerides and greatly improve our vascular and neurological health. Sadly, most people are always on the go and tend to rely on fast, pre-prepared foods that are loaded with the wrong fats, Omega-6. Excessive consumption of this fat has been linked to an increase in inflammatory activity, meaning it increases your risk for heart disease and vessel inflammation. To be healthier, we must consume the appropriate daily amount of essential fatty acids. The Lifelong Vitality pack or Daily Nutrient pack by dōTERRA contains exactly what we need and in the right amounts!

#2 Find time to relax and reduce stress!

You can diffuse Wild Orange and Grapefruit, and other calming citrus oils to modify the negative emotional responses we can get daily or even several times a day. Calming is not just a state of mind, but rather a complete physiological response. If you are anxious and distraught, it elevates your blood pressure, pulse and your breathing. You may also experience sweaty hands or clammy skin. You have to take time for you, even if you can just sit with your eyes closed for 2 minutes and concentrate on your breathing. Other essential oils, like Balance, Serenity, Elevation or Citrus Bliss are blends that are carefully blended with positive emotional responses in mind, so take advantage of letting essential oils help you out!

We have “3 brains”, one that is in our head, our heart and our “gut”. Most often health starts with our first brain and effects the other two in either a positive or negative way. Ever wonder why you get stomach discomfort when you are really nervous?? It is your 3 “brains” talking to each other:)

#3 Clean with essential oils!

The cleansing properties of many essential oils – such as On Guard, Lemon, Purify and Wild Orange – will reduce if not completely eliminate most harmful elements that can weaken your body’s natural defense mechanisms. Many studies have shown that essential oils are effective on contacted surfaces, in the air, and even in wet solutions! Mixing a concentration of On Guard in spray bottles can be an excellent cleaning solution that is just pennies compared to the toxic cleansers you buy from the store. The oils can also be diffused to help purify the air. Not only do they clean effectively, but they are safe to use around children!


As a nurse, my decisions are based on both scientific and practical knowledge, which gives me the passion to educate others about natural solutions into their home and health regimen. By simply adding a daily regimen of high quality supplementation and utilizing essential oils, we can enhance our wellness, change our moods, and reduce toxic load in our home and on our body!

If you are ready for this change, I’m here to help you get started! You are going to wish you started sooner!

Nurse Mom ? turned Oil Mom ?,

April Geigley